Thoughts On Garbage

I stepped incorrectly on my kitchen garbage can and broke off part of the pedal. It still marginally worked so I thought I could get away with only stepping very gingerly on it moving forward, but then it finally gave out. I had shopped around for a new garbage can last year before settling on the now broken one at Target. All the really nice metal cans (with metal foot pedals) were quite expensive so I “cheaped” out and went with a plastic one, which still cost $50. I decided not to make the same mistake this time and ended up paying $79.99 for a Simple Human can at Homegoods. Allegedly it is “finger print proof”, but I think it should also take out the garbage for you.


This whole experience got me thinking about how much trash my BF and I produce. We are only two people. Granted, we eat at home a lot more now that we have such a nice kitchen, a balcony to dine on, and enjoy what we make at home more than most restaurants. But still, we end up taking out the garbage every other day – and we have TWO garbage cans in our kitchen! Are we too wasteful?

When I was younger, I was much less cognizant of my environmental footprint – but so were most people at that time, really. Now that I’m more aware, I still don’t imagine that I will ever become a person that recycles everything, but I do feel a little guilty about all the k-cups I throw away. I have tried using a refillable filter – but dammit, those disposable pods are just too convenient!

I am trying to make a small contribution by repurposing everything I can – plastic grocery bags become small garbage can liners, leftovers become lunch the next day, etc. – but it just doesn’t seem like enough when I see how quickly the trash room in my building fills up. Online ordering is amazing – but all those boxes! It just seems silly.

Almost as silly as spending $79.99 on a receptacle for GARBAGE, I guess. If that’s not the ultimate symbol of consumerism, I don’t know what is.

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