Yoga Teacher Training Homework

Make no mistake, there is a LOT of homework – but Kate was very upfront about that in the info session so I knew what I was getting into. The homework, like class, is kind of jarring in that it bounces around between subjects – Anatomy, History, Language, Discussion, Workshop, and then back again. After the first weekend session, we were assigned about eight hours of reading and one written assignment. I chose which reading assignment to do based on my mood, which thankfully fell into a logical progression. I will try to emulate that in future months. The Anatomy stuff is the most difficult for me and I remember being told to do the most difficult homework first when I was in school, but I left it for last anyway. It just seemed right to lay the foundation of History first and I actually think I was able to absorb some of the Anatomy when I finally got to it.


The other wise thing that I ended up doing by pure accident was to dive right into the reading. Literally on Sunday evening after I got home from my first weekend, I cracked open my books and started reading while everything was fresh. I leveraged the newness and excitement from the weekend to help me stay focused. I knocked off a couple hours that night and now have completed my reading well in advance of the next weekend, but I still have the written assignment to do. In the meantime, I have been trying to attend the classes of different teachers. We are required to take 16 classes in order to receive our certification and YogaBalance offers us 16 classes as part of our tuition if we choose to take them there. That is my home studio anyway, but I tend to go on the same evening every week. In the spirit of learning, I have been branching out and even attended the class of a recent graduate of the same program. It was fun to talk to her and get some encouragement. She told me that she started practice teaching after her second weekend session and offered free classes at her office. I can’t really do that at my day job, but I have some other options that I’m considering. It would be fun to get my feet wet.

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