Weekend 2 – Yoga Teacher Training

I had to miss half of Weekend 2 due to a wedding, but I knew this when I signed up. I originally debated holding off on taking the course until next year due to this conflict, but I figured there will always be something. And who knows if I will still be living so close to a studio that offers this training, which helps make this commitment manageable for me. I am able to makeup the time by paying for a private session with my current teacher or by attending another YogaWorks training (covering the material that I missed) at a neighboring studio. The closest alternatives for me are Boston or NYC – but in the spirit of trying to experience as many different teachers as possible, I just may do that.

I ended up feeling really guilty about missing part of this past weekend and I could tell that I didn’t have the same drive to do my homework as I did after the first weekend. My class is starting to feel like a little community and I actually missed spending time with my fellow students on Sunday. To get over the hump, I attended a flow class that was taught by our Teacher Training Instructor (Kate) on Thursday. This class was not taught in YogaWorks style, but it still gave me a chance to see her and feel reconnected. And wouldn’t you know it, one of the other students from my class also came – and it happened to be the pilates instructor that I had gotten paired up with during a previous practice teaching! We were happy to see each other and she was sweet enough to say that everyone missed me on Sunday. It was nice.

Kate’s class was challenging, but invigorating. Even though we were moving quickly through parts, I felt myself focusing on my breath and alignment. I was totally PRESENT and I was surprising myself with what I was able to do. Of course, the guy next to me was super bendy, but I kept my mind on my own mat. It’s totally true – if you keep breathing and don’t judge yourself, it’s amazing what your body can do. At the end of class, Kate asked Mr. Bendy where he had taken yoga classes before – I guess because it was his first time at this studio. His answer? “India.” Talk about a mic drop! It made me laugh out loud.

I came home from class that night and dove into my homework. I knocked off four hours of reading and have developed a “flow” for myself: I do my Posture/Teaching Tools reading first and watch any assigned videos, then I dive into Anatomy (the worst!), and then do Philosophy and Language (Sanskrit) last. The Philosophy readings are the most enjoyable part for me and I want to leave myself enough time to mull over what I’ve read before our next session. My BF and I are getting ready to go on a short vacation so I will be reading The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali on the plane. I also have to write an essay about the Sutras that I’ve read and I may post that here if it makes any sort of sense.

Aside from the readings, I have already turned in my Teaching Script homework (we basically get assigned one teaching script each month) and my Anatomy quiz. Do you know the names of the four regions of the spine and their curvature? Do you know that the gluteus maximus rotates the thigh out at the hip joint or extends the thigh out at the hip joint? Fascinating!


The other way I’ve learned to survive the Anatomy reading is to book a blowout and read in the chair. Kate told us to prioritize taking care of ourselves throughout this training because it is so intense, particularly on top of all of our other life obligations, so treating myself to blowouts is my way of taking her advice. But I won’t do it unless I study at the same time – it’s genius! My blowout stylist is getting a kick out of all the anatomy diagrams and we both cringe of images of people with terrible posture; obviously, she can’t help but see what I’m reading. And apparently, she had to study anatomy in hair school as well. I never thought about that before, but it makes sense! I’m just glad that I’m not grossing her out.

2017-10-14 10.14.44

I find myself being hyper aware of my posture now. Some of these illustrations cause me pain just looking at them.

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