Weekend 3 – Yoga Teacher Training

The most unexpected outcome of this training so far has been the sense of community I have with my fellow students. Kate, our Instructor, has been throwing us more and more into practice teaching situations where we work in pairs or small groups. She said that this typically does not occur until after Weekend 4, but she sees no reason to wait. And she is right, the more we say the words out loud, the more comfortable we become; and the more we interact with each other, the more supportive we become of each other. It’s really awesome how we cheer each other on.

But still, the amount of information is overwhelming. I am still struggling with Anatomy, whereas many of the other students are doing just fine with this subject. I am thinking that part of the challenge for me might be because I have suffered very few injuries and illnesses in my life, which is great in theory but has not afforded me the opportunity to learn the names of bones and understand how the body works like others who may have spent more time around doctors and/or in recovery. In addition, one of the other students has a medical background and at least two others are already working in the health & wellness field (a pilates teacher and a fitness trainer/coach), so they have had to previously study anatomy for their careers. Knowing this, I will just have to rise to the occasion and work harder to master this subject. It is officially the holiday season now, which is my busiest time at work, and my BF and I host Christmas for our families, which I love but is exhausting, so I am going to try to not overdo it with my yoga studies during this time. I figure that the dead of winter (January/February) will give me the chance to do some extra studying and get more comfortable with the anatomy stuff. I’m also hoping to start practice teaching during this time.

As far as sequencing poses and actual instructing goes, I think I am coming along nicely. I did order some flash cards from Amazon to help me learn the sanskrit names for the postures. One of my fellow students brought a deck to class this weekend and they were super helpful – she was quizzing all of us during breaks – so I figure I can task my BF with quizzing me at home. The other benefit of the flash cards is that you can lay them out to design class sequences, which I learned from reading the comments on Amazon. I look forward to using this tool!

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