Thoughts on The New Year

The New Year went by very quickly for me. My BF and I host Christmas together for our families but I take on the bulk of the planning, organizing, decorating and orchestrating. It’s a lot of work but it’s work that I don’t mind doing because my parents finally get to enjoy themselves instead of them having to do all that work. Thankfully Christmas fell on a Monday this year so my BF and I both had Christmas Eve off. (I am not sure what we’re going to do next year when Christmas Eve is on a Monday, but we will figure that out then.) My BF helps a lot with with the heavy lifting and even shares in the cooking/food prep, but I still found myself completely exhausted for a few days after. Admittedly, I also ended up helping a girlfriend paint part of her new condo and threw together a last minute holiday luncheon for some of the admin folks at work, so I am guessing that compounded my exhaustion. Then there is also the reality that I’m not getting any younger. Ugh.

The few days between Christmas and New Year’s flew by due to the demands of my day job (plus yoga homework!) and then suddenly it was New Year’s Eve. I started audibly yawning at 3pm. Fortunately my BF and I made early dinner reservations with the intention of being home in our pajamas (with Dom Perignon) for the ball drop. We got dolled up and took an Uber so we could avoid the -5 degree weather by jumping right into a warm car. We had cocktails followed by a lovely 4-course meal and then came home to see the start of NYE programming. At 9.30pm I realized I wasn’t going to make it. I said I was going to take a nap but I was pretty much out for the night. (My BF did wake me up at midnight so we could kiss. He’s sweet like that.)

Since that night, I have been slowly rebooting. I am just now catching onto the fact that it really is a NEW YEAR. I made no resolutions and didn’t really have time to mentally reconcile my 2017 prior to it ending. And now that I’ve taken a post-holiday breath, I still can’t really decide on any resolutions. I took a nice long bath last night so I could pause and think, but the only resolution I came up with was to take more baths! Which honestly may be the best resolution EVER.

Although it wasn’t intended to be part of a resolution, I did also buy a balance ball on sale at Target (all C9 merch is discounted right now) and have added a variety of toning exercises to my cardio workouts. My abs are sore!! I am also especially motivated to tone up because my BF is so sick of the cold that he begged me to go somewhere warm with him ASAP and we ended up booking a somewhat last minute cruise in February. We will be in the Caribbean for Valentine’s Day and I have a short window to get swimsuit ready!

Balance Ball

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