My Intention

My world, like yours, has become very noisy. My mind is a Turkish twist of things I need to do, something I saw somewhere, oh crap where did I put that thing? I find myself struggling to be fully present due to this constant chatter. My “monkey mind”, as it’s called in yoga, is due to a combination of factors that will certainly reveal themselves as I post here, but please know that I am not coming from a place of being a martyr – in fact, the reason I am starting this blog is so I can DO something about all this noise and not just complain about it.

Throughout my life, writing has been an effective way for me to process my thoughts. Sometimes what I’ve written has gotten me into trouble, but I am willing to put myself out there again because I simply just NEED to. Sure, I could keep a journal – but I know myself and I won’t keep up with it. I am a product of the social media age (although there were only CB Radios, Bulletin Boards, and MOOs/MUDs/MUSHs when I started using technology to feel like part of a community) and there’s something about having an audience that keeps me accountable – even if it’s only an audience of one. Hi Angela!

We all are battling demons of distraction that keep us from living our best life. This blog is my attempt to acknowledge my demons and set them free in order to find inner peace.

Relate to me? I’d love to hear from you!